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My life motto
"The starry sky above me, the moral code within me."

My political motto
"Do not be afraid and do not steal." 

I have been for years a vice-chairman of the Věci veřejné (Public Affairs) political party. I have been a member of the party practically since it was established and I have been publicly active for Věci veřejné for four years as a councillor in Prague 1. I defended this position in the October 2010 elections and am consequently able to continue in my work from previous years. However, my chief tasks were for the last three years the duties of M.P. for the Central Bohemian Region.
After the Chamber od Deputies finished on 28. 8. 2013 I still remain a councillor in Prague 1.

* As vice-chairman of the Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Republic, I wanted to ensure that legislation is simplified, the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies are streamlined, the Act on Deputies Wages is amended, as well as changes to the absurdly cheap recreation offered to deputies in buildings belonging to the Chamber of Deputies.
* I will be occupied by municipal laws, for instance, amendment of the Act on the Capital City of Prague.
* My experience in communal politics in Prague 1 shows that, for instance, issues concerning monument care and culture are of concern to me. I also consider enforcement of anti-corruption measures important, together with amendment of the Animal Protection Act.
* I was a member of the Sub-committee for the preparation of amendments to the Act on the Rules of Procedure of the Chamber of Deputies, and also a member of the Sub-committee for regional development and financing of public administration.

Why I linked my name with Věci veřejné
Věci veřejné are a matter of the heart for me, I have been closely connected to this party for a number of years and this party is the only right-of-centre alternative for me. Věci veřejné is also the only party that is not burdened by a communist past, as the party’s charter does not permit membership by individuals who were active in the communist party. Věci veřejné is also not linked to any affairs concerning corruption. These are sufficient reasons to choose this party.

Why I decided to enter the political sphere
My attention was first drawn to the communal policy, or more precisely, how elementary matters did not function in the area I lived in, how finances from the budget disappeared uncontrollably “somewhere“, how over-priced contracts are assigned, non-residential space is leased under disadvantageous conditions, how the interests of the municipality and its residents are not taken into account. On a nationwide level, the same matters on a larger scale are of concern to me – the country’s indebtedness, non-transparent public contracts, the unresolved issue of health and pension reforms...And the citizens suffer as a result of this. Initially I enjoyed writing about these cases as a newspaper reporter, but then I decided to become actively involved in politics, and am endeavouring to restore its fundamental purpose as a service to citizens.

My education
I graduated in religious studies and the history of religion from Charles University. I also undertook psychosocial studies at the same university, however, I ended my studies in this field immediately before taking the degree examinations. At present, I have interrupted my studies of politics and international relations at the Cevro Institute University.

I was born in Prague on October 14th 1977.